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Do you need help with your writing assignments, or do you need a few ideas about writing assignments? Gypsy Daughter Essays is a place for  ideas, sample essays, and advice that can help you learn to write or teach others about writing.

This is a blog for both students and teachers.

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Sample Essays

In addition to posts about grammar and writing, there are essays here for you to use as examples for your own writing assignments.
Use examples to create your own, original thesis statements.

The essay topics you'll find here span several disciplines, like arts and crafts, poetry, literature, hobbies, lifestyle, cooking, critical thinking, and sociology. Each post is written in essay format, having an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each has an identifiable thesis statement, transitional words and phrases, topic sentences, and several types of evidence.  Each has been carefully proofread and revised for unity, coherence, and clarity.

All sources have been carefully cited in either MLA or APA format, and each essay has been added to both the Safe Assignment and Grammarly databases.

How to Use This Blog

It's easy to find essays by topic or discipline.
You can use the "Labels" in the right margin of each page to find essays by topic, or you can use the "Search this Blog" function to enter your own search terms.

Additionally, there is a running list of my most popular posts at the bottom of each page.  If you want to keep up or receive notifications of new posts, you can subscribe to my blog by email or RSS to receive notifications of new posts.  I love questions and comments, and I try to respond in a timely manner to each comment a reader makes.

Again, my goal is to help my readers learn to be better writers, whether by offering sound advice about how to write, or by offering sample essays for students to use as examples.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of my posts, please feel free to comment.

Amy Lynn


  1. How do I find the sample essays? Is there a tag I can select?

    1. Hi, revelutions. All of the blog posts written here can be used as sample essays. Simply find an essay topic by searching or choosing a label. Each post is written in essay form. If you're looking for an example of one of the four modes, I can recommend one of each: expository, argumentative, descriptive, or narrative. Let me know!