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Lion Brand Yarn or "Eleggant" Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set

The wood and metal construction of the ergonomic crochet hook set, pictured here, makes it stable and durable.
Lion Brand Yarn's Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set
The Lion Brand Yarn Company was recently kind enough to send me, per my request, one of their Ergonomic Crochet Hook Sets for review.  

I had specifically requested this particular set because I was attracted by the promise of less pain in my hook hand while crocheting, and this egg-shaped wooden handle seemed more stable and durable than other, plastic handles I had seen and used in the past.

After using it for three different projects over the past several days, I must say that overall I am pleased with the ergonomic crochet hook set's performance.  

UPDATE: As of May 2018, I see this ergonomic crochet hook is no longer available from Lion Brand. However, I do see that it is available, but it is listed as an "Eleggant Hook" on Amazon.  Lacis is also selling a similar item as an egg-shaped wooden handle for Boye crochet hooks.

First Impressions

As you can see in the images, this particular ergonomic crochet hook set is a very attractive set, and it is also small enough to easily fit in a travelling bag or handbag. The handle, sans hook, measures 3 inches long by 1 3/8 inches across at its widest.  Relatively speaking, it looks very similar to an awl.
The Lion Brand Ergonomic Hook Set is pictured here with Lion Brand yarn, "Sock-Ease" in dye color "Root Beer."
Six Interchangeable Hooks
The set came with 6 interchangeable hooks: 1.25 mm, 1.75 mm, 2.25 mm, 3.5 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm.  It also came with rubber "O" rings for setting the larger hooks into the chuck securely.  All came in a little plastic packaging case that can be reused for storage.

Wanting to test the different-sized hooks for all types of projects, I used the set with Lion Brand fingering yarn, pictured here, a Caron Super Soft yarn, and a Red Heart bulky yarn.  

Assets: Durable, Stable, and Reduces Hand Pain and Fatigue

In the past I have used an ergonomic handle set that came with two different plastic handles and several interchangeable hooks.  The problem with that set was that the hook shapes forced me to hold my hook in such a way as to feel unnatural. This did not happen with the small, wooden egg.  I could hold the hook in "butter knife" position just as easily as "pencil" position, the only difference being that I didn't have to hold as tightly, thereby reducing stress on my thumb and pinkie finger.  My muscles didn't seize up on me, in other words.  Success!

Pictured here are the interchangeable crochet hooks, rubber rings, and crochet handle.
All Metal Threaded Chuck

Furthermore, my previous, now donated, plastic ergonomic set was plastic - even the threads on the interchangeable hooks were plastic.  It was very difficult to get them to fit into the handles smoothly.  It took a few frustrating attempts every time.  However, this is no issue with the Lion Brand set.  The threaded parts are metal.  The chuck is textured and easy to turn. There are no threads on the interchangeable hooks, and the hooks never came loose while I was crocheting.  Yet, the hooks are very easy to swap out!  Hurray!

In short, the hook set delivered on its promise to reduce hand fatigue and pain, even when using fingering yarn and a 2.25 mm hook.

Drawbacks: Replacement Parts and Hook Design

Although I do recommend this product because it certainly delivers on its promise to reduce hand pain while crocheting, I did find two weaknesses.

First and foremost, I was a bit confused about who makes these hooks and how I can order replacement parts or hooks.  A small card that came with the set states that replacement rings and additional hooks are available at the Motion Magique Web site.  However, when I used that Web address, I was forwarded to a very unprofessional-looking site that announces the retirement of the previous maker.  I would urge the makers to revise the card that comes with the set, and the Web site, as soon as possible.

Pictured here are the tapered and pointed hook heads on the various sized hooks.
Tapered and Pointed Hook Heads

Secondly, I must admit I was disappointed in the hook style, especially of the larger hook sizes with the higher-ply yarns.  I have always preferred a flat  throat versus a tapered throat, and I have always preferred a rounded hook head versus a  pointy hook head.  I find that the pointy, tapered hooks are difficult to use with any speed because I'm constantly splitting my yarn when trying to pull back through loops.  To  make up for the change in the hook style, I found myself twisting my wrist a lot more than usual in my attempt to push and pull the point straight through the work instead of on an angle like I can do with my preferred hook style.  It will take some getting used to.

All in all, however, the weaknesses I've listed here are based on personal opinion, and in the end, the hook set did indeed do as it promises to do.   It does it in a lovely, wooden, egg-shaped style.  I think the set would make an excellent gift or addition to any hook collection.

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  1. Where can I purchase one of these sets?

    1. I'm so sorry it's taken me a few days to get back to you. It looks as though Lion Brand no longer has these hook sets, unfortunately. However, I found something similar for you on Amazon: It's a wooden handle you can add to Boye hooks - https://www.amazon.com/Lacis-Ergonomic-Handle-Boye-Crochet/dp/B004BOVN1G/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1490811598&sr=8-2&keywords=ergonomic+crochet+hook+set+wood

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