Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Crochet: American Single Crochet or British Double Crochet

A stocking cap shows the crochet symbol for a single crochet and reminds us that a single crochet stands 1 loop tall.
The American Single Crochet stitch is also known as the British Double Crochet.

The American single crochet stitch, also known as the British double crochet stitch, is an easy-to-learn basic stitch that any beginner can master.

The single crochet is a great stitch for making projects that require a fabric that isn't too "holey."

For example, the single crochet stitch can be used for washcloths, hot pads, slippers, tablecloths, jewelry, scarves, bags, purses, amigurumi, blankets, bowls, felted fabrics, ornaments, and clothing.  The texture of the fabric can be altered by using different size hooks with the appropriate weight of yarn.

Want to Learn the Single Crochet?

By watching a few videos and remembering the sing-song mantra "around, through, pull through one, pull through two," you, too, could soon be making your very own projects while reaping the many mental health rewards of this craft . . .

because . . .

if you didn't already know, just the act of crocheting, itself, has an added benefit:  Crocheting is good for your mental health!

  1. First, it's a very good form of stress relief and can be therapeutic for many people. 
  2. Second, it's a relatively inexpensive, creative outlet.
  3. Third, it's also a great way to connect with others, and 
  4. fourth, it also helps people give back to their communities.  
As a matter of fact, a psychologist friend of mine recently told me crochet is even sometimes used to treat PTSD or severe anxiety.  A skein of yarn and a hook cost under $10.00.  There are a multitude of online groups and local classes for learning to crochet, and, according to Wikipedia's Crochet entry, some ways people give back are to create clothes and blankets for soldiers, cancer patients, homeless shelters, newborn babies, and nursing homes (para. 43).

Are you ready to pick up a hook and learn how to crochet?

Try my complete online crochet course, "Crochet for Stress Relief" on  Use this crochet coupon code link to sign up for a free Udemy account and take the course for only $10.00!  

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