Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Product Review: All-n-One Knitting Loom

 Knitting looms are hot ticket items for Christmas this year. Take a look around and they seem to be everywhere, from craft stores and big box stores to grocery stores and dollar stores!  These looms come in sets, or singles, for a wide array of price points.  They're round, long, spiral, small, hand held, big, brightly colored, pale, adjustable, "sock" loom size, bulky weight gauge, light gauge, double knit, single knit, plastic, wood, and even metal.  Holy mackerel! It's a lot to consider, isn't it?

I was a bit perplexed by the choices, myself, so I emailed the nice folks at Authentic Knitting Board and asked them if they had a product that would solve my particular problem: I didn't like the toy-like plastic sets that allow for only bulky or double-strand knitting.

To paraphrase, they said, "Never fear!  The All-n-One is here!"

Authentic Knitting Board's All-n-One Loom does just about everything I want to be able to do on a knitting board or round loom. It's a knitting board, round loom, and sock loom in one. It can also be used with a variety of yarn weights, which gives finished projects the coveted look of needle knitted items.

Why the All-n-One Loom Is the Best Choice in a Sea of Choices

This loom by Authentic Knitting Board has several competitive advantages.  First and foremost is its versatility, which gives more bang for the buck.  That's closely followed by the company's obvious dedication to educating customers.

Versatile and Classy Design

The All-n-One Loom is versatile and classy.  

Its base is a lovely, finished wood, and its adjustable parts are held together with metal nuts and bolts - sturdy, reliable, durable, and easy-to-replace if lost. The grooved pegs are made of a stiff, ivory plastic. I could hold the loom in one hand while working with the other. I felt, as I was knitting last night, like I was playing a fine instrument.  I felt like I was making something special.

The board is 18" long and came well-packaged in a box that looks quite modern and sophisticated, while still indicating this is a fun, but useful, tool.   The knit hook is included, and it is also made of wood and metal.    The interchangeable 5-peg sliders and spacers are what allow for both knitting in-the-round and double-knit board knitting. The pegs are spaced 3/8" apart, which is what allows for the use of worsted weight yarns.

Although I did have a few concerns about the design when I first looked at the product, once I started to use it, I was no longer concerned.

First, I was concerned it would be difficult to ewrap between the 3/8" spaced pegs. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it really was.  I had no difficulty finding a way to wrap that was easy and speedy: I set the board upright in my lap and wrapped around the pegs with the yarn at the tips of my fingers like I was holding a pencil.  Voila!  And I had no wrist or hand pain!

Also, I did have a concern about the wing nuts used to hold the sliders in place.  I thought I might bump them while using the board, but the wing nuts were no problem at all.

Dedicated to Customers and Dedicated to Educating Customers

Authentic Knitting Board stands behind a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and one look at their Web site makes it easy to see they have a serious and heartfelt dedication to educating customers.

This All-n-One kit comes with a very thorough, easy to understand instruction booklet and 4 projects to get a knitter started.  The images in the booklet are clear and crisp, making them easy to follow and understand.  The instructions are also written in clear, concise language, which makes it easy for beginners like me to understand.

Furthermore, the Authentic Knitting Board Web site offers video tutorials, free patterns, and how-to basics.  

They even have a Yahoo! discussion group!  The FAQ page helps customers decide which board to buy without any hard sell language, wishy-washy language, or upselling. They are as proud of their basic loom knitting kit as their  scarf size Tadpole Kit knitting board product as they are their 38" afghan knitting board.

What I found most heartwarming on their Web site, however, is this particular piece of their mission statement:

"Our mission also involves assisting women's relief groups with knitting boards and personal instruction.  Our goal is to see these individuals grow in self belief that they, too, can create beautiful, useful, warm garments for themselves, their families, and as a means to supplement their family income."

How could anyone ever doubt this is a company worth supporting?

An A+ Product from an A+ Company

All in all, the All-in-One is an A+ product from an A+ company.  The versatility of the board, its classy design, and the company's dedication to educating and supporting their customers makes me feel as warm and fuzzy as a new afghan.  The All-n-One Knitting Loom would make an excellent gift for any crafter this holiday season.  

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  1. Interesting. As I've recently moved back to the frozen north, I am interested in learning to knit and/or crochet. Something like this is very intriguing to me.

    1. Thanks, Becky! I am excited to see some of your work when you get "hooked." : )