Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Top 10 Crochet Gift Ideas for Grown-ups

Need a crochet project gift idea for an adult?
  Don't stress!  Just consult my top 10 list!

When holidays, birthdays, showers, or parties roll around, it's pretty easy to hop online or flip through any crochet book to find an easy-to-make gift for a new baby or a child. Practical gifts for older teens and adults are not-so-easy to find. Although some grown-ups appreciate amigurumi characters or granny square sweater vests, most would prefer something more usable.

However, even when you are in a hurry to whip up a W.I.P. for an adult friend or family member, there are many projects to consider.  Here are my top ten crochet project ideas for grown-ups, listed in order of general, relative difficulty.  Links will take you to instructions and patterns.  Enjoy!

Use finer yarns for tablecloths and bookmarks.

Beginner to Intermediate Crochet Projects

Each of these projects can be made with single crochet or double crochet stitches worked back and forth across rows or with granny squares.  In other words, if you can crochet a rectangle, you can make any of these projects! You can use acrylic yarns or pure cotton for the kitchen and bath items, and you can use any number of beautiful natural fibers for scarves: For winter wearables, the softer the better. Bookmarks and tablecloths can be made as dainty as you prefer using finer yarns and smaller hooks to match.  Always check the yarn labels to find the recommended hook sizes, and plan your time wisely. The smaller the hook and finer the yarn, the longer a rectangle will take to make.

As you progress, try working in different stitches to add unique elements to your designs. Tablecloths and bookmarks are great first filet crochet projects, and Tunisian crochet is an excellent method for making placemats.

Intermediate to Expert Crochet Projects

Try making jewelry using the cro-tatting method.

Each of these projects generally is worked in the round, yet most can still be created using the single or double crochet stitches.  Ties and jewelry are made using finer yarns and take longer to make, while hats and bags can be made fairly quickly.  Again, the only limitation is your imagination, as you can add beads, bobbles, tassels, and art yarns to your projects, or you can experiment with another method for making jewelry, cro-tatting.

The next time a gift-giving get-together rolls around, skip the worry about "What to make?" or "How much time do I have?"  There are plenty of ideas for unique crochet gifts that can be personalized to the giftee from the gifter - even for grown-ups!

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