Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Get Rid of Blank Pages in Word Documents

Do you have a blank page or pages in your Word document you just can't seem to delete?  What you may have is a hidden page break.

What is a Page Break?

Click on "Insert" and "Page Break" in the ribbon toolbar.
Insert a page break from the ribbon toolbar.

A page break is a special formatting function embedded into the Microsoft Word ribbon tool bar.  It's a very useful function that a writer can use to ensure parts of a paper begin at the very top of new pages.  For example, a writer should use a page break after a title page, after an abstract page, or before a references page.

How to Add a Page Break in Word

A writer can insert a page break by choosing the "Insert" tab at the top of the ribbon toolbar, and "Page Break" from the pages options.

Sometimes, however, page breaks get misplaced and cause problems within a document, like extra pages where there should not be extra pages.  When that happens a writer will have to remove the page break in order to delete extra pages from between, before, or after sections of text.

How to Delete a Page Break in Word

Click the pilcrow symbol and use the delete or backspace key on the keyboard to delete the page break.
View page breaks by showing hidden formatting.
Remove a page break with backspace or delete.

Show Hidden Formatting 

First, in order to see the page breaks, a writer must enable Word to show hidden formatting marks.  Click the "Home" tab and look at the paragraph options.  Click on the pilcrow symbol, also called a paragraph symbol, in order to toggle the hidden formatting marks between show and hide.  When the pilcrow is highlighted, the writer will be able to see any hidden page breaks or other formatting within the document.

Delete Page Breaks

Next, once the writer can see where extra spaces or breaks are occurring, the extra spaces or breaks can be deleted with backspace or delete, as though the formatting were any other character within the document.

A writer can leave the formatting marks on or off as he or she chooses.  The hidden formatting marks will not print if the writer chooses to print the document.  They are simply there to help the writer format the paper professionally.

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